We would like to introduce our company M/s ABU ASHRAF Office Services as one of the leading office services company in Abu Dhabi. We have 21years of work experience with all ministry related and office services works.
We provide high quality service with well qualified staff and quality with a very suitable and reasonable price. We have qualified and well experienced dedicated staffs, who can fulfill all our customer needs.
We are keeping in mind always producing our best service to our customers need and convenience. We do our business with full assurance in order to give our customers the optimum satisfactory.

We will treat you with courtesy, respect and a smile.
You will receive high standards and fair service.
We will cater to your needs professionally and to the best of our ability.
We will provide our services through a helpful and knowledgeable team that Is understanding and capable of answering your questions.
We will provide you with service requirements, realistic expectations and completion times for each service.
You will attended to a timely manner.
We will reduce the number of steps required to complete a service in the easiest and most efficient manner.
We will provide you with accurate information and error-free service.
We will provide you a multi-channel service and ensure that we serve at Your convenience, whenever possible.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions to serve you better.



Appreciate efforts of the staff members at your servic and treat them with mutual respect.
Provide identification documents when requested.
Providing supporting documents required to compleate a service.
Inform us immediately of any changes to information provided or in case of error.
Inform us immediately of any changes that may affect service provision.
Respond in a timely manner to queries of staff to ensure timely service and quality.